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  1. High electricity costs
  2. The patient's dilemma
  3. We need a new prison
  5. Keeping our capital city attractive
  6. Willing to help with rehabilitation of prisoners
  7. Is water safe for consumption?
  8. Citizens and businesses continue to dump rubbish
  9. An eyesore and a public health problem
  10. Strange silence
  11. Cornelia Ida waiting five years for electricity
  12. Closed due to TV piracy
  13. End GT&T monopoly
  14. It's a dog's life in Georgetown
  15. Teach the children not to litter
  16. Rex, not all two-leggers are cruel, keep your tail up
  17. Terrifying experience
  18. Nurses attitudes to expectant mothers leave a lot to be desired
  19. Street lights not working
  20. Discoloured water
  21. How healthy is dried fish?
  22. Discoloured water
  23. Pensioners get no discounts or benefits in Guyana
  24. No explanation for pension increase
  25. Let's form a pensioners co-operative
  26. Hard for aspiring artists to gain recognition
  27. How free is education?
  28. Parents must not pay for school supplies
  29. Action not words
  30. Contributions demanded from children
  31. All I want for Christmas…
  32. Look forward to enter new era of life
  33. Regulate the noisy fun hours
  34. Things I would like the president to have dealt with in his New Year message
  35. Sheriff street noise nuisances affect my sleep
  36. Georgetown to Lethem road needs urgent upgrading
  37. I protest this miscarriage of justice
  38. Police must act now
  39. Slaughter on the roads continues unabated
  40. Persons who have paid are being cut off
  41. Road tragedy is everyone's concern
  42. GT&T must wake up
  43. Globalisation and Social problems
  44. Matters that gripe me
  45. Still estimating my bills
  46. Dissatisfied with my bill
  47. No Canadian visas are issued in Guyana
  48. We must stop littering
  49. Reconnection fee is often wrongly charged
  50. Guyanese have learnt to accept mediocrity
  51. The nation's conscience is on trial
  52. A crippling habit
  53. Prime Minister seems to be spokesman for GPL
  54. How could people so belittle themselves?
  55. Mail from London with money orders not received by relatives
  56. No telephone lines
  57. Sea wall bandstand area in a filthy state
  58. The industrious are penalised for their efforts
  59. GBC should stick to programme schedules
  60. Bills paid, but no service
  61. Disgusted with BWIA
  62. Hard for the poor to build a house
  63. I had to come to Georgetown from Linden for emergency surgery
  64. Disgraceful facilities for police at High Court
  65. Wanted: decent television programming
  66. Registrar must conduct herself in a manner befitting her office
  67. The world wide wait
  68. Long line for licences again
  69. Please cut off water at 8.00 pm, not 6.00 pm
  70. Diabetics want improvements
  71. Problems to get ID card
  72. Court action warned
  73. Pregnant mothers deserve better treatment
  74. Citizens still totally vulnerable to criminal attacks
  75. Oil on the seawalls
  76. I enjoyed my visit home
  77. Very poor service for passports at Guyana Consulate in New York
  78. Sergeant robbed me of part of my bail money
  79. Ministries should be re-appraised for Independence
  80. Duties on imported vehicles are far too high
  81. The news is depressing
  82. Firemen doing their best with limited equipment
  83. Not satisfied with GPL billing
  84. Hard for women to get court-ordered child support
  85. Why are large sums of cash kept at home?
  86. Work needs to be done on viewing gallery
  87. I insist that the PUC is not doing its job
  88. Enlist overseas Guyanese to support and develop Mash
  89. Our society treated 6,504 animals in its last reporting year
  90. Appalled by conditions in New Amsterdam

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