Sea wall bandstand area in a filthy state
Stabroek News
February 28, 2002

Dear Editor,

After hearing the fuss about the new benches that were donated to the sea wall band stand area, I decided to make a visit to see what improvements were made to the place. I was greeted with the sight of garbage piling up all over , the trees have grown into a true jungle, homeless persons living in the area have decided that the smell of human excrement will blend nicely with the sea breeze and the walk way looks as if it has not been swept in a long time.

Is it too much to expect the Mayor and City Council of Georgetown to keep this seawall area clean? The Ministry of Tourism should take the upper hand in this matter and bypass the city council and arrange to have the sea wall bandstand area kept in an orderly manner, after all what's the point of spending millions of taxpayers dollars attempting to attract tourists here if when they arrive, they are greeted with this type of filthy scene.

The sea wall band stand area needs a whole lot of cleaning and should be fitted with proper lighting, so when our elders of society and our tourists go there to take their afternoon stroll, they will have no fear of being choked and robbed.The Mayor and City Council should be ashamed at themselves for allowing the sea wall area to fall into this state.

Yours faithfully

Bryan Mackintosh