Please cut off water at 8.00 pm, not 6.00 pm
Stabroek News
March 27, 2002

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Dear Editor,

I have a few concerns that affect us here in Berbice. Firstly, the water comes on at six a.m. and goes off at six p.m. for East Canje Residents. No problem for the 6 a.m. start but it is the cut off time at 6 p.m. that I just can't fathom.

Guywa seems to be controlling the pace of many water consumers, now everybody is involved in a mad rush prior to that time to cook, wash, clean and bathe before six p.m. Sometimes you have cases where children and parents arrive late from school and work due to lessons etc, with only about half an hour sometimes before the water is off.

The cut off time is bordering on the ridiculous, an absurd system. What happens to the small man who doesn't have water containers, aren't they the majority population, majority

workforce. Also, these people have paid thousands of dollars for water connection and water rates, plus there is talk of an increase in rates and the advent of the water meters. A convenient cut off time would be around 8 9 p.m. Surely Guywa can employ pump attendants for a few hours more.

Another concern is the unsightly garbage disposal sites decorated along the New Amsterdam backdam public road and around the market and gas station opposite. Why can't these things be dumped into one of those vacant lands inland. What is the council doing to stop this mess.

Yours faithfully,

Michael Davis