GT&T must wake up To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
January 17, 2002

When the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company came on the scene in 1991, there were substantially less landlines than there are today.

This statement certainly holds merit for the telephone house and perhaps was one of the strongest arguments put forward by the CEO of the telephone company at their recent press (luncheon) conference.

However, wasn't the telephone company contracted to do precisely what it has done, that is, provide lines for consumers across the country?

May I hasten to add that GT&T has been boasting that they have reached certain interior locations of the country, yet there are applicants dwelling in and around Georgetown whose requests are probably catching dust at the GT&T offices.

Then of course, there are instances where friendship is the rule of thumb for GT&T whereby consumers who have the right internal connections might just be fortunate enough to have a line "found" in their area.

Ms Jagan went on to denounce talks of an open and free telecommunications market that Government plans to introduce so that consumers can no longer be held at ransom to whims and fancies of the telephone house.

What the learned and articulate lady of GT&T has failed to take into consideration though, is the fact that GT&T is not serving the entire country, and in cases where consumers are serviced, many have complained of existing deficiencies.

These deficiencies range from faulty line problems to disconnection during international link ups. Now one can only assume that the internet cafes Ms Jagan went on to cry foul over are perhaps providing consumers with a better service than the GT&T is.

In these enlightened days of information age, should consumers sit idly by and allow one company to dictate the market? I think not.

Yes, it may be true that the GT&T came at a time when we were in a state of telecommunication decay, but this should not be used as a yardstick to beat consumers across the back.

It's time to become humane GT&T, wake up and smell the competition that will soon be coming in your direction.