Not satisfied with GPL billing
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May 13, 2002

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Dear Editor,

In 200l I paid and got a meter installed by GPL at my lower flat. After it was installed, I had the place up for rental. In the beginning of April this year I got the place occupied. Prior to that, no electricity was being consumed, since no one was living there. It was around February, 2002, when I got a bill from GPL totalling $8,000. I hurriedly went to the west bank GPL office and spoke to the busy lady in charge Ms. Charlene Proffitt. She sent the maintenance workers to change the complete meter and instructed me to leave one light on, which I did. Her excuse for the billing was the fact that the meter was spinning counter clockwise.

After checking the reading after 4 days, I went back to her and was told that the meter was still not working properly. Subsequent to that, after a long wait, the meter was replaced again, and this time, when I recorded the new meter reading and took it in to her, she said it was reading properly finally. However she said according to the backward spinning reading, I still have to pay that amount. I refused, saying it's unfair. I contacted a Mr. Phillip at the head office in Georgetown, hoping to get some satisfaction, only to learn that the west bank office has to handle my concern. I went back several times but got no satisfaction. I left that as it was and received another bill for last month, totalling in excess of $10,000, deadline 9th May, 2002. I gave up and paid. I am frustrated and fed up.

(account)number: 41 001 962 16 tariff: residential meter number: 146878 telephone number: 263-5362 address: lot 36, la grange, b/ flat, west bank dem. meter name in: t.john.

I hope GPL will do something. My home No. is 263-5362, cell No. 621-8002.

Yours faithfully,

Rajesh John