The news is depressing
Stabroek News
May 11, 2002

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Dear Editor,

I wrote you a few days ago congratulating you on your new, improved website. In that letter I also said that I start my day by reading Stabroek News. I still do. However, I may soon have to reorder my daily routine to shift Guyana's news to sometime later in the day.

The reason is simple: News from my home country is depressing. Last week's headlines scream at me 'Durban Street Fire, 71 homeless', 'Bandits strike again', 'Cops lay siege to Prashad Nagar home', 'Suspects got away in hail of gunfire' and 'Friendship shooting: witness beaten, residents tense'.

What is going on? Is all that can be done being done? Why do law-abiding, tax-paying citizens have to abandon their vehicles and walk (with their hands in the air, like criminals) through a certain East Coast Village in order to get home? Do we have appropriate gun control laws with adequate penalties?

Guyanese who would like to come home and contribute are afraid. Potential tourists and visitors are afraid. Guyanese in Guyana are afraid. Will this ever end? Do we realize that people, especially in the Caribbean, read or hear our happenings? No wonder we are treated so badly when we travel.

A magwe sa! (A patois phrase which when roughly translated to English means, "I don't believe it!").

Yours faithfully,

Vibert Williams

General Manager

NAGICO Insurances