Cornelia Ida waiting five years for electricity
Stabroek News
November 19, 2001

Dear Editor,

We the residents of the Cornelia Ida New Housing Scheme which has been established since 1996 are still without electricity. This scheme has 110 families at an average of five persons. We are paying a very big price - (1) Our homes and families are being attacked by armed bandits (2) We are being robbed of our possessions (3) Our children's safety is at stake when coming home from lessons in the evenings (4) Their studies are being affected [their grades dropping].

Our President has been sending messages that all Guyanese must get themselves educated with the computer systems. How can we do this? With flambeaux and lanterns? We have sent numerous letters, made many phone calls to the various authorities, eg. (1) The Regional Administration (Region 3), (2) Ministry of Housing, (3) President's Office (4) G.P.L. (the only one to give us a response), they supplied us with an estimate.

Our scheme is a regularised one. We had an issue published sometime ago through your newspaper but nothing has been done so far. Below are some of the things we have had to go through and are still going through.

1. A family was attacked and robbed one and a half years ago.
2. One was attacked twice, once by the armed bandits. (this family was forced to leave their home).
3. Our family was attacked, chopped, beaten and robbed on October 7, 2001
4. Three families were robbed on October 19, 2001.
5. Another was robbed on October 20, 2001.

The last three robberies are being investigated by the Leonora Police Station. When will someone give us electricity, when most of our families are robbed and murdered because of the absence of same? We do hope someone responds to us.

Yours faithfully,

Resident (name and address provided)