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    Artistic Expression

  1. It is impossible for Guyanese literature to develop outside Guyana
  2. Guyana is in serious need of a renaissance
  3. Producers of shows face problems at National Cultural Centre
  4. Public awareness of our rich architectural heritage needs to be encouraged
  5. There is need for major changes in the cinema industry
  6. Ministry of Culture takes centre stage in the near-death of drama
  7. Crude and contemptible
  8. Mr Haslyn Parris's story highlighted the absurdity of racial prejudice, Dr Mc Donald's novel captures the angst suffered by an individual and an era
  9. Racial distaste
  10. Deeply upset by this short story
  11. Rules of engagement
  12. No literary merit in “Coolie Tom Puss”
  13. There is not a word in Parris's story that is insulting to Indians
  14. Words that wound
  15. Content to be mediocre
  16. Let a hundred poems bloom
  17. A missive of hope
  18. Information on Guyana Prize
  19. Published by Peepal Tree Press
    February 9, 2004