Dissatisfied with my bill
Stabroek News
January 28, 2002

Dear Editor,

I was not in my home from December 3, 2001. On Dec. 1, I jotted down the amount on my meter ... I do this every now and again ... and the total was 22290.

I received a bill early January, when I returned to my home, which has the current reading, at 22290 ... as at November 22! I remembered sitting at Main Street to query a similar difference and after a long wait was given a garbled account of how it will be corrected in future bills, so I paid the amount on the bill ... for November, 2001 .. $5,274.00.

On January 24, 2002, I received a GPL bill and was astounded to find that the amount read ... (an estimated amount, the bill said) $22,433 on December 24. I had jotted down, on 20th January, the amount as 2212! What a difference!

Must I, a pensioner, go and suffer waiting at GPL to hear a youngster tell me that it will be corrected? What about the fact that my house was in darkness for a month .. no lights, no appliances were used. What accounts for this amount of used current when no one was there? When are we Guyanese going to get electricity without blackouts and without discrepancies as I have indicated?

Yours faithfully,

Edna Cadogan