Nurses attitudes to expectant mothers leave a lot to be desired
Stabroek News
November 28, 2001

Dear Editor,

Whenever I see young pregnant mothers I always wonder if they are going to the Georgetown Public Hospital to get their baby. This is not to say that private hospitals do not have their problems too.

As a matter of fact I am talking about the attitude of nurses. As recently as Friday morning my sister who is almost 30 years old and having a baby for the first time was admitted to the Public Hospital to have her baby. Her baby was born on Saturday around 4:30 am. She had a horrifying experience. Like every mother who is in pain she called for the nurse who in turn said "why yu all don't call fo yu all man and you all husband, I going to have my three hours' rest, in emergency, walk down to the labour room" and proceeded to ignore my sister.

The nurse in question is a mature person. However the nurse tried the same stroke on another patient who decided to answer the nurse and they both were exchanging words with each other.

My sister was left on her own, after the baby started to come and the mother was ripped then the nurse showed up. While visiting I overheard one nurse saying to an expectant mother who was crying in pain waiting to be admitted, "yu all does crying for pain and yu all don't even be ready."

They may not be ready but this does not rule out the fact that they are not in pain or to a lesser degree fear.

What are nurses there for? I was under the impression that they are to assist mothers in bringing their new born into the world, to reassure mothers, to comfort those who are in pain but not necessarily ready. Is it right for nurses to say ill things to mothers? Maybe someone in authority could enlighten the public about the duties of the nurses in the maternity ward.

Yours faithfully,

Christine Hilliman