Guyanese have learnt to accept mediocrity
Stabroek News
February 6, 2002

Dear Editor,

Monopolies like GT&T and GPL want to raise their rates to an already stressed out consumer public though they have not necessarily operated in the most efficient manner.

Many Guyanese would be aware that in other countries that have monopolies they are severely monitored by public utility commissions and have to justify all increases.

Now we have coming to the fore another monopolistic entity, mini buses. In their lawless and callous attitude towards the consumers and the law, the owners and drivers want to be a law unto themselves. When they want fares raised they strike, when they want laws changed to suit their selfish attitudes they strike and hold the consuming public to ransom. They don't even give a damn about the carnage they are causing on the roads.

If as some of them say, as I've heard on TV, that they can't drive without music why can't they use the radio or a tape deck on the dashboard. Why this massive sound in travellers' ears, and when and if you object you are handed a continuous diatribe, even when you object to them putting four in a seat.

Guyanese have become a docile lot accepting half measures and mediocrity, there are many, many countries that would not accept this state of affairs.

What with the spiralling cost of living, a lapsing judiciary, a weak policing system, homicides, suicides, road carnage and moral duplicity even in sports areas.

Come on Guyanese, stop being ostriches.

Yours faithfully,

Maurice Cato