I had to come to Georgetown from Linden for emergency surgery
Stabroek News
March 20, 2002

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Dear Editor,

I attended the Mc Kenzie Hospital on February 1, 2002 at approximately 10:30 hours with severe abdominal pains. Upon arrival I saw a doctor as an Out-patient. He gave me two pieces of paper to go to the Lab and X-ray rooms respectively. After taking the blood test at the laboratory, I proceeded to the X-ray Department where I was subjected to a half hour wait while sitting on a bench under a leaking air-conditioning unit. After I could no longer bear the severe abdominal pains, I retraced my steps to consult the doctor again. To my surprise he was gone! The doctor runs his private practice in the nearby village. In desperation, I decided to travel to Georgetown to seek urgent medical treatment. I arrived at the St Joseph Mercy Hospital at approximately 2:00pm in the nick of time!

Without delay, the nurses and doctors on duty responded to my complaint with professionalism and dispatch. They carried out the necessary examination based on my complaints, analysed my situation and within half an hour I was wheeled into the operating theatre where emergency surgery was performed.

I must express my appreciation to St Joseph's Mercy Hospital publicly for saving my life. Kudos to the doctors and nurses, particularly those who attended to me.

I am disgusted and dissatisfied with the sub-standard service being rendered by the Mc Kenzie Hospital. Something needs to be done about the daily administration of this key medical institution in our mining town. This is the hospital which services communities along the Mabaruma road and other interior locations in cases of casualties and emergencies. The residents of Linden deserve better. It is time residents speak out.

Yours faithfully,

Esan Richards