I protest this miscarriage of justice
Stabroek News
January 15, 2002

Dear Editor,

Last week, justice in this country was not well served. Some time ago two rich kids, totally contemptuous of the lives of people, decided to race their motor-cars down one of Georgetown's busiest streets, Vlissengen Road. In the process they killed two innocent men, young labourers in the prime of their lives.

It was a horrible death. I was coming home from work that night, when I saw a massive crowd at the corner of Dowding Street and Vlissengen Road. The victims were thrown yards away, landed against a wooden fence, then their bodies sank into the mud of the Vlissengen Road canal. There was a large crowd outside the Kitty police station. Outside the station, the relatives of both drivers were openly accusing the other of killing the labourers. The crowds were saying some nasty things about the racers.

Both men were charged with causing death by dangerous driving. I subsequently learned that both motorists gave confession statements which implicated each other.

These men were placed before the traffic magistrate. One was acquitted, one was found guilty of death by dangerous driving and fined $75,000. This should not be accepted by any country in the world. In North America, these men would have been charged with second degree murder. In Europe, it would have been criminal manslaughter. I cannot accept the Magistrate's decision. I am writing the President, the Opposition Leader, the Chief Justice and the Chancellor asking for their intervention so an inquiry could be held.

I am also writing to the Guyana Human Rights Association, the Guyana Bar Association and Mothers in Black asking them to intervene with the relevant authority so that this miscarriage of justice be investigated.

Yours faithfully,

Frederick Kissoon