Is water safe for consumption?
Stabroek News
October 30, 2001

Dear Editor,

You have recently reported that the GS&WC assures its customers that despite the brown colour the water is safe for consumption. I wonder if a good investigative newspaper could have the water independently tested because I seriously doubt GS&WC's affirmation.

Last week my children's paediatrician said that the quality of the water is a likely cause of some of the ailments he has seen. Just for clarification, no pun intended, the water is not only discoloured but tastes bad.

Yours faithfully,

S. Persaud

Editor's note

Mr Gladstone Faucett, the general manager of the GSWC says the water is at all times potable. He also says it is treated with residual chlorine in the pipelines for protection against breakage in the lines. The colour only affects the appearance of the water, not its drinking quality. However, because of concerns by the population they still recommend boiling the water.

We recall that an independent test years ago had shown that the water was not safe for consumption. We will try to arrange to have another test carried out.