Terrifying experience
Guyana Chronicle
November 27, 2001

On Thursday 22nd November at around 7:15-7:30 p.m., my husband and I were travelling along the East Coast Demerara. We were somewhere in the Lusignan/Mon Repos area when we heard a vehicle honking its horn behind us. Looking back, I saw what appears to be a truck. My husband pulled in the corner to allow this speeding vehicle to over take us. It was then that I saw it was not a truck, but a 40 ft container.

I was most horrified when I realized that the vehicle had no light at the back. This vehicle continued speeding along the road tooting its horn at every vehicle in front, overtaking them. The speeding continued even as it drove past the BV Police station.

As it approached the Sparendaam Police station the driver slowed down and I got a sigh of relief. We were able to overtake it. As we drove past it I took down the vehicle number and some other particulars. Immediately after passing the Police Station, the speeding started again. I was unable to observe the vehicle further as we turned into Sheriff Street and the driver continued his way further into the city
speeding through.

I am sure this type of vehicle must have a speed limit when driving, and to crown it off, it had no taillights. Imagine what could have happened if some unfortunate person had gotten into its way or if the driver had lost control of the vehicle at some point in time. I am writing this letter with the hope the relevant authority will take note and the shipping company that is responsible for this vehicle take action to correct this situation before this reckless driver gets back on the road and something fatal happens to cause pain and grieve to others. From the sign printed on the vehicle I have a fair idea which shipping Company this vehicle belongs to and I will also forward this mail to them.
Editorís note: You are on the right course by forwarding the mail to the company. We however feel it might be also good for you to hand over the information you have to the police.