Court action warned
Guyana Chronicle
April 2, 2002

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March 28, 2002 editorial of the Guyana Chronicle was most apt, especially the first paragraph. However, the noise nuisance emanates not only from mini-buses boom boom boxes and from the towering `boom boom' speakers at private bar-b-ques and fetes. The state itself is permitting this lunacy and lawlessness.

During the last weekend, residents of Lamaha Gardens (both North and South) were subjected to the cacophony emerging from Sophia. Bearing in mind that this was the weekend before the SSEE (Common Entrance) and the period prior to CXC exams. It was an abomination against the students preparing for this other form of torture.

The elderly and the ailing were enveloped by the decibel levels which shook window panes and which precipitated heart palpitations even among the healthy. The noise, under the banner of `youth exp... 2002 began on Saturday night (March 23) and ended on Monday morning at 2:00 hours.

Who, in the name of the Almighty, gave these people permission to abuse us this way?

Which uncaring bureaucrat at the Sophia Complex did not stipulate the decibel level and the amount of hours of loud music to be played?

Who monitors the loud and obscene lyrics, which filter into our homes?

Which police ranks stood by after 23:00 hours on Sunday, after midnight, after 01:00 hours and allowed these `youths' to explode?

This blatant disregard for other people's health, sensibilities, and right to peace is totally unacceptable.

We, the residents of Lamaha Gardens, cannot and will not accept this sanctioned abuse any more. We are hereby giving warning that the courts will be our next step. This confounded nonsense must stop.