Firemen doing their best with limited equipment
Stabroek News
May 12, 2002

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Dear Editor,

The Guyana Fire Service within recent months seems to be targeted for some seemingly unjustified and malicious attacks about its ability and competence in extinguishing fires, a very hazardous task that most Guyanese would attest that they do admirably.

There is a lot of talk about late arrival at the scene of fires, persons should stop assuming that someone has called the fire service and in the event of an emergency, bombard them with calls.

Even with the derelict vehicles they have the arrival time in and around Georgetown is about three minutes after receiving the call. These valiant men and women despite the obvious constraints continue to give of their best under the circumstances, especially with the inadequate fire-fighting equipment on display.

Fire service personnel do not deserve this type of negativity.

Whenever these situations arise some senior officer, if there is no public relations officer, should clear the air on certain issues. Incidentally how long ago were the fire hydrants in the Lodge area vandalised, and how many memos were sent to the relevant authorities concerning same. Where does the blame lie, surely not with the fire service.

Property owners should seriously address the subject of fire insurance, but what redress do the tenants have if this is not the case? Let us imagine another fire in Lodge again, most of the buildings are over thirty years. What would be the result?

Men and women of the Guyana Fire Service, continue effectively doing your job with the equipment you have until God willing better is provided.

Yours faithfully,

Lloyd Davidson

Editor's note:

The big problem at most of the fires is the unavailability of an adequate supply of water.