Closed due to TV piracy
Stabroek News
November 22, 2001

Dear Editor,

"Closed down due to TV piracy". This notice is written on the outside of the Melanie Cinema on the East Coast of Demerara. That cinema used to be a venue of recreation and entertainment for many people on the east coast for many years. But piracy, which has been allowed to become a way of life in Guyana, has put an end to that.

In culturally enlightened societies, where intellectual property rights are respected, new feature films are shown in the cinemas long before they appear on television. Documentaries and old movies adapted for the small screen are what is presented to TV viewers. In this way everybody in the business is allowed to do some business. But here in Guyana illegitimacy is permitted to put legitimate business out of business. The present situation in Guyana, at various levels, is a comedy and a tragedy at the same time.

'Closed down due to TV piracy". This notice is likely to be seen on the outside of every cinema in Guyana, soon.

Yours faithfully

Lennox Lancaster