Pensioners get no discounts or benefits in Guyana
Stabroek News
December 6, 2001

Dear Editor,

We the pensioners of this country are at a very great disadvantage compared to other countries.

In other countries, pensioners travel at half price, they are given discounts at stores, and a number of other benefits.

The pensioners in this country are not getting any benefits whatsoever.

From the small amount we are receiving we have to pay rates and taxes, water rates, electricity bills, we have to eat and clothe ourselves from it among other things.

We would be most grateful to get a 50% discount from rates and taxes, 50% from water rates, and any other relief. We have to pay to get our garbage disposed of, because for weeks the garbage truck cannot be seen, the garbage keeps piling up, we have to pay to get our main drains dug, the town council is supposed to do so but they don't. Complaining to the mayor and town clerk is like throwing water on a duck's back.

We hope the relevant authorities will give us some relief and others where possible as well.

Yours faithfully,

K. Singh

Editor's note

Perhaps as a gesture for Christmas some store or stores can give pensioners a small discount on prices once they can establish that they are on a pension.