Look forward to enter new era of life To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
December 31, 2001

2001 is almost over and the peddling of lies, pressurizing of Government officials and scandalising of events are over. Permanently we hope. We are about to enter into a new era of life, it would be something for us to look forward to, where we will see what our broadcasters, journalists and talk-show hosts can come up with to entertain us for the coming year. Even if it means to bedazzle, belittle, undermine or simply kill the spirit of the common man.

For the past year everyone of the so-called media had something to say they thought was worth saying, to whose detriment no one cared. National Television however, became the all time national theatre for the 'gifted' of the land to showcase their talent.

The most common of these will be 'The Godfather,' who according to him does every thing and adequately represent the people in a way no one else can. He feeds, clothes and houses the nation. The Godfather however, is not able to keep himself out of court and to date he has not been able to get himself a place in parliament.

He is also the one talk-show host who should be charged for defamation of character for the ridiculous names he gives to people. Of course, he could never be a Benschop. He however, comes over as a unique concoction of Superman, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, 007, and Jim Carrey. How could one man be so multi-talented beats me? In my opinion, he's a star, not a superstar.

Mr. Drift wood Joey Jagan is another important figure. This is a man who paints the picture of being so close and yet so far away. Figuring out what his anti-government stand is all about will make all examinations we sit 'easy pop.' This man moves about like a grasshopper, and then he does the disappearing act. How could we ever analyse the man? For the new year we just hope his agenda will be more concretised, so that he can lay it all on the table.

Well 'Mr. Do Nothing' Kendall is a man we should show some concern for or express our sympathy towards. The man just has not been able to spread his wings. Sharma gives the man no time of the day ever, he is continually interrupted, misrepresented and misunderstood. Now that 'Mr. Cool' Wong is on the show his position is now more than ever threatened. 'Mr. Do Nothing' is not getting a chance to say a word, poor man, what is he doing there in the first place?

'Mr. Cool' on the other hand, seems to be the only man 'The Godfather' allows to be comfortable on his show. Maybe he might be his next Prime Ministerial candidate. Pay attention.

A big 'boo hoo' to 'Fade Out' Benschop. This was one groomsman with no lamp and no oil per adventure anything happened. And we thought he was intelligent enough, we thought he had enough insight and foresight to get the job done all the time. It's a crying shame, how can we help you 'fade out'?

'Mr. Tomorrow' David is the man who thinks he knows it all, we just hope he does not get himself into the vise 'wrong mouth' Moore got himself into. Maybe waiting until tomorrow however is one of his tactics to getting it right. Mr. Tomorrow, has a strong feeling his lines are tug-a-war ropes (concrete). We just have to make petition for him everyday that his lines don't get weak.

Our Christmas spirit was enough to show us that our people are willing and happy to live in peace and harmony. How are our talk-show hosts going to deal with that, how are they going to assist us in realising our goals, how do they plan on contributing to building a beautiful country?

If the 'Godfather' Mr. Driftwood, Mr. Do Nothing, Mr. Cool, Mr. Fade Out, Mr. Tomorrow and Wrong Mouth really rethink their agenda and objectives they could possibly be able to contribute positively to the social and political fabric of the country.

Great ones, it's not all about ego, money or fame, in my opinion it's about the people, not leading them astray as the thief would do, but being their Shepherd. This is where the good deed is, in the leadership.

They might tap themselves for raving reviews at this year's talk-show Grammy, but watch out guys, your fame may just be lost.

Brian McIntosh