Guyana Chronicle
September 27, 2001

The Corridors and passageways of University campuses the world over are maintained in such a manner that they exemplify the philosophy and attitude of the highest forum of academic learning in the land.

Not so in Guyana. It seems as if Guyana just has to be different. We have to show the world that we are so backward that basic norms of decency and cleanliness are of no interest to the UG administration. The issues of politics, protests and denials are the order of the day.

I refer specifically to the growing number of vendors on the passageways on campus that one gets the impression that the vendor scenario at Water Street is definitely being transferred to UG. Vendors can be seen selling food items in front of smelly lavatories and members of the UG administration are aware of this and are even buying from these vendors. The situation is extremely unsanitary in addition to it being a major impediment on the passageways.

The vendors display their foodstuff and beverages on seats intended for students. They have no food handlers certificate and they always leave the area strewn with waste.

This situation needs to be addressed urgently.