Discoloured water To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
December 5, 2001

For a while now, the water being received by citizens, from the Georgetown Sewerage and Water Commissioners, leaves much to be desired.

With no pronouncements from that entity, citizens are left to endure their substandard service.

GS&WC’s often times late and lame press releases only help to aggravate a murky situation.

Telling citizens to boil the water or to use bleach before using is sound advice, but ridding the system of whatever problem(s) that is/are existing, is/are what we, the citizens, are looking forward to.
The washing of white or light-coloured apparel, especially babies’ nappies, is a sore point for the average mother/housewife, who has to collect rainwater.
Just looking at the sediment in a pail of water will give our Christmas overseas guests the creeps.

It is just fair that the Tourism Industry/Agencies, with their earnest attempts and accompanying hard work, be given that necessary support from Shelter Belt.