Wanted: decent television programming To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
March 21, 2002

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The question has too often been asked about the status of the broadcast legislation, it is really harrowing, an experience to see and hear what passes for public consumption on some television stations, a total disregard for the slightest observance of propriety, good taste, accuracy and balance. Violations of internationally accepted good practices seem not to impact upon the morons passing themselves off as T.V Hosts and broadcasters, legislation to curb or rein in these violators must be speedily implemented.

“If you absorb dirt then you are going to put out dirt” is the way the President described programmes being aired on some stations. He further urged that the battle against crudity on TV should be relentlessly pursued. This is really a most disgusting daily occurrence and it cannot be over emphasized the need to put a stop to this practice. Let us get the legislation on our books to help us get rid of the TV drivel that passes as news.

Guyana deserves a minimum, at the very least, of decent television programming; the urging of the President must be heeded.
Ricky Ramoutar