Work needs to be done on viewing gallery To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
May 30, 2002

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I recently paid a visit to the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, Timehri, to see a loved one off, but my spirit of happiness quickly turned to dismay when I approached the viewing gallery to see the take off of the Universal wing.

It was an eyesore to enter that expanse which was once neatly laid out, but has now been adversely transformed into an expanse of litter, water and of course a few rows less of seating accommodation.

My initial reaction to this sight was utter disappointment at what has become of our viewing gallery. What a lasting impression to take away when bidding farewell to friends and relatives who may be embarking on paths to more enhanced pastures.

As a proud Guyanese who has no intention of labouring to develop another country, I wish to implore my fellow citizens to be cognizant of their surroundings.

While many may sit back to constantly lament our "backwardness," I firmly believe that we ourselves have contributed to this state of affairs, largely due to our lack of pride and consciousness of our country's aesthetic value.

It would be a good practice for those who frequent the Timehri viewing gallery to desist from littering this area by taking their garbage with them in the absence of receptacles, since it does not only leave much stench behind, but also poses much more work for the janitors.

Like the visitors to our country, who leave and enter through the new and improved departure lounge and VIP lounge, I am sure most of us would desire some amount of comfort when awaiting arrivals and departure.

In an effort to promote tourism in our beautiful land, immediate attention should be paid to upgrading this facility, which when completed should be closely monitored for vagrant and deviant users.

Please make my next visit to the Timehri viewing gallery a memorable one.
Geena Harte