Strange silence
Guyana Chronicle
November 5, 2001

Of all the opposition’s mindless acts, none could have been more glaring than the arson attempt on the St George’s Cathedral. This was another of those disgraceful stories that shocked Guyana as opposition elements went on a terror campaign, having lost the 2001 General Elections.

It was the mighty act of God, coupled with the alert action of a security guard that saved the day.

The weapon used was a molotov cocktail filled with gasoline and fitted with a loose wick. Their hatred for the Bishop, whom they claim is a supporter of the PPP, has led them to the place where they ventured to burn down his church.

Certainly, the destruction that would have greeted our eyes would have been catastrophic.

It leads one to ask the question, what manner of persons would sponsor such acts and yet claim a place in civilized society?

How could they live with themselves?

The fact is when diabolical minds constitute the heart and soul of that group; nothing healthy or enlightening can be the result.

But putting these sons of Belial aside, my most scathing rebuke goes to the Christian community of Guyana. At the onset of these atrocities one would have expected a chorus of condemnation pouring in from all quarters, but this was not to be; they were all in strange silence.