Citizens still totally vulnerable to criminal attacks
Stabroek News
April 3, 2002

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Dear Editor,

The brazen robbery committed on Saturday March 30 at Montrose is yet another instance of the wanton violence committed against hard-working, innocent people. Within the last month, some might argue within the last ten years, the violence perpetrated against predominantly Indo-Guyanese has gone unchecked. Some see this as a conscious attempt to "scare" Indians away so as to change the "ethnic mathematics" in Guyana so that Indians become a minority.

But notice, the top news items are the PNC walkout from parliament, the PNC town hall meeting, the PNC grouses about the appointment of their members to the parliamentary committees, the PNC call for an audit of government contracts with BK International, the change in the leadership of the PNC, the GPSU threatening strikes. So what we have here is a situation in which armed, masked, well-trained, criminals carry out brazen, Hollywood style robberies and killings but the focus is, interestingly, on the PNC and their litany of instances where they were wronged. Mind you, there is complete silence on the arrogant behaviour of the PNC dominated Region Four Democratic Council.

What are people to do? What are the businessmen who have the resources and who, possibly, stand to lose the most, doing? What is the so-called Indian activist Ravi Dev doing? Who, I ask, will put the focus, will do the organizing, will rouse the people to take to the streets, to stand in front of parliament building and scream for protection! When will people start demanding that their right to a peaceful existence in Guyana be taken seriously?

Yours faithfully,

Rohan Sooklall