Willing to help with rehabilitation of prisoners
Stabroek News
October 29, 2001

Dear Editor,

I believe that the Trade and Tourism Minister Mr Manzoor Nadir is hard working, dedicated and innovative. He has bright ideas and a great plan for tourism. But let me emphasise if efforts are not made to minimise the crime situation, the whole purpose would be defeated.

Shooting a few bandits will not help. Both the police and magistrates have to examine their method of approach. A rehabilitation centre should be constructed or more efforts made to rehabilitate prisoners. I spoke with many inmates in detail and have found out that they need guidance and proper counselling. I tried on several occasions and it worked. Although I am out of prison now I can still work with the system to help the inmates. If churches are allowed why can't I? I have a structured programme that I have crafted myself.

The prison officers are paid to guard the prison and that's it. No one is trained to conduct lectures. So if one comes from a broken home and is neglected, he arrives in prison to face more frustration because the officers have nothing good to say. So there is stress and frustration on both sides. When he/she is released there is more trouble. I was able to identify weaknesses and shortcomings in the prison system and the inmates at large. I am willing to share my experience to assist in minimising the crime rate.

If I am given the opportunity I am confident of helping to change prisoners for the better. I went through the system and know all that I have to do. I would even touch on AIDS and drugs. The inmates would listen to me because I was an ex-prisoner. I trust that Minister Nadir and Minister Gajraj would consider my offer.

Yours faithfully,

(name and address provided)