Georgetown to Lethem road needs urgent upgrading
Stabroek News
January 13, 2002

Dear Editor,

I sincerely hope that this year the Government of Guyana can move from rhetoric to sensible planned action as far as the Lethem to Georgetown road is concerned.

Late last year I had cause to transport a boat built in Brazil for our company on the Lethem to Georgetown road. Although we successfully completed the journey, it was not without some trying and vexing experiences.

The road itself is in a deplorable condition and begs to be fixed urgently as the ruts are becoming larger daily.

The operation of the ferry crossing at Kurupukari is a nightmare and tests one's skills to the utmost.

Many vehicles are damaged by the inadequate loading ramp facility and the pontoon itself needs to be urgently upgraded. Added to this is the long waiting period to cross despite the low frequency of traffic. Can these things be improved? Yes, they can.

It would be instructive to the authorities if they were to take a careful look at the road construction and the ferry crossing at Suribanna/Sherima and the road at Bartica. Why is a similar situation not encouraged at Kurupukari to Lethem?

This most important road link, Georgetown to Lethem, is urgently needed and the government will be wise if they stick with people of proven track record rather than another excursion into the folly of the inexperienced. Yours faithfully,

Bernard Lee Yong

General Manager

Shanklands Rainforest Resort