Matters that gripe me To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
January 25, 2002

Three incidents of recent occurrences, two very recent, have hit the headlines. Like all matters of public concern in Guyana, one side or one's perspective is given much prominence especially when it is associated with Police or Government bashing.

Re: Brian King: the police allegedly shot him in his mouth and he survived only to die weeks later. But no one is interested to know the facts. The view that he was shot by the Police in the mouth is debunked by common sense. If that had happened he would have either died on the spot or his entire facial features would have been altered, if not disintegrated.

Dr Walter Ramsahoye admittedly advised King's wife to take him out of the hospital for him, to treat the patient. King took his own discharge and was taken to Brickdam Police Station and then went home on his own. He was not in Police Custody.

If Dr Ramsahoye saw him and treated him how did he die?

Did someone aid and abet King's demise so that the Police could be blamed?

Mr C.N Sharma was allegedly beaten on the West Demerara by some businessmen, and immediately Sharma's television station said he was assaulted for political reasons. It is very strange that Sharma's colleagues complain of political involvement when there is absolutely no evidence of such involvement. Strange enough, up to now Sharma has not given a statement to the Police as to what happened that day.

According to newspaper reports after some men accosted him he went to his vehicle. We didn't know why he went to his vehicle and what he may have armed himself with.

We are once again, witnessing the phenomenon when those who hold the law in contempt rush to it to seek assistance. I find it strange that the Human Rights People, the Commentators and Analysts, the Bar Association and the politicians are very quiet when C.N Sharma uses his television station to libel citizens.

Make use of derogatory terms in describing members of the Government and public officials, conducting a campaign of character assassination of people: yet, as soon as it is alleged that Sharma was involved in an incident and allegedly suffered injuries these people scream discrimination and harassment and political involvement.

We also have an incident where at Buxton the villagers set fire to logs on the road. They complain of police harassment.

What is interesting is that Mr Desmond Hoyte was found at the scene and he claimed that his presence prevented a serious breach of peace.

Do these incidents paint a picture, which portray a campaign to vilify the police and attack the Government?