Letters on: Hope and Nation Building

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  1. Wanted: unconditional love
  2. Building a nation may take decades
  3. Nation building is not the answer
  4. Stimulating the work ethic
  5. My objection is to the concept of one overarching culture
  6. Still an uneasiness in the skin
  7. Guyanese must challenge cultural elitism
  8. Fragmentation is not the answer
  9. The old goal of the autarchic state has been abandoned
  10. Good service at Georgetown Hospital
  11. Guyanese should change thought patterns
  12. Guyana has great future
  13. Given the present reality many will identify with a pre-Guyana culture
  14. Give Guyana a chance to develop
  15. At what point do we say move on?
  16. We can learn about waste disposal from Singapore
  17. President of the people
  18. "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind."
  19. The togetherness and love that prevailed
  20. What about a made for television series?
  21. Humanity prevailed in spite of this tragedy
  22. Passion may be the key ingredient
  23. Inhumane reports in the press
  24. King was not the first approached
  25. Recognizing the private sector as the engine of growth
  26. I've cherished my trips to Guyana
  27. We must start looking for the best in us
  28. I have enjoyed my stay in Guyana
  29. This would make my Mash
  30. Leadership qualifications
  31. My wish is for love and respect
  32. Can housewives be trained to fill the gaps created by the brian drain?
  33. Guyanese need to forgive and move forward as a nation
  34. When will we find a cause to motivate us?
  35. There are limits to democratic oppositon
  36. We need to feed ourselves, plant our own cotton
  37. Yesu Persaud and Ronald Bulkan have shown the way
  38. Well done is better than well said
  39. Structural solutions to our problems must be advocated
  40. Not in my name
  41. We have to improve our image
  42. An eye for an eye will get us nowhere
  43. Is there a viable alternative?
  44. We have a dream
  45. We have to start seeing this land as our land
  46. We should highlight the peculiarly Guyanese things that are done
  47. A new political culture is gradually being cultivated
  48. 'Constructive engagement' progress comes from cooperation
  49. Impressed by these examples of crossing the political divide