'Constructive engagement' progress comes from cooperation
Guyana Chronicle
March 15, 2004

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Many positive results have emerged from the Constructive Engagement discussions held between President Jagdeo and Leader of the Opposition and PNC/R Mr. Robert Corbin since the communiqué was signed by them on May 6th, last year, especially in those areas where the PNC/R has fully participated.

However, there has not been that amount of progress in other areas where it seems that the PNC/R are less than enthusiastic or are not fully committed.

Already in place and carrying out their remit are Parliamentary Sector Committees, Parliamentary Management Committee and of course the Public Accounts Committee chaired by the PNC/R.

This really goes to show the progress that is made when there is cooperation and goodwill, and let us not forget this and try to reach agreements on outstanding matters.

Yours faithfully,
Stephen Johnson