Leadership qualifications
Stabroek News
February 15, 2002

Dear Editor,

Eric Phillips (12.2.2002) has written a very long epistle [ please note: link provided by LOSP web site ] in which he lamented upon the fact that new provisions in Article 90 (1) of our constitution disqualify persons who are not resident here for seven years before the election from being elected president.
Specifying his ideas for qualifications to assume leadership in three paragraphs, it was not too clear whether he was thinking of someone to rival the almighty or a presidential candidate. However, he avoided such words as sincerity, commitment, dedication and fortitude. Can anyone seriously contemplate a leader without these qualities?
Proven qualities over many long years of demonstrating to the rank and file members your genuine concern towards the upliftment of their well being will go a very far way towards being a successful leader. If

took the time to spend a really long time in Guyana he will soon see that our electorate are not as gullible as he thinks.

Yours faithfully,
Lisa Rambarran