Guyana has great future To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
October 6, 2001

October 5, 1992 on which democracy through free and fair elections was restored to Guyana stands together with other significant days in our history, although it is not yet a National holiday, such as August 1 - Emancipation Day, May 26, Independence Day and February 23 - Republic Day.

When the system of proportional representation was introduced for the 1964 elections which made the whole country into one constituency instead of several constituencies under the previous first past the post system, the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) with the highest percentage of votes obtained 24 seats, the People’s National Congress (PNC) got 22 seats and the United Force 7 seats.

Instead of calling upon the incumbent PPP, the party with the largest number of seats to form the new government, the Colonial Administration caused a delay to allow a coalition to be cobbled between the PNC and the UF so as to form the next government.

This was so tailored to keep the PPP out of power, the main objective of the introduction of proportional representation.

And this began the long, lamentable decline of our country over the next 28 years and we’re still paying the price trying to restore all that was destroyed under the PNC.

The coalition of course between the PNC and the UF broke up shortly before the next election in 1968, as the PNC had put in place the mechanisms to rig all future elections so that they could stay in office, and exercise unbridled, autocratic power with no need of having any coalition partner.

The dictatorship was thus in place, and we’re still trying to cope with the effects of it.

At long last after a peaceful struggle led by our most outstanding hero, the late Dr Cheddi Jagan, leader of the PPP and supported by many others locally and overseas, most notably, former US President Mr Jimmy Carter, free and fair elections were restored, and Dr Jagan became the first ever democratically elected President of Guyana, leading the PPP/Civic to victory.

Since October 5, 1992 it has been an uphill struggle to rebuild the physical infrastructure and extend it, as well as to restore and improve on the socio-economic status of the Guyanese people.

The PNC keeps trying to stall this process, especially after each election 1992, 1997 the best in 30 years and on March 19, 2001 on unsubstantiated allegations of fraud although they have never won an election when they holding illegitimate office.

Despite the challenges already faced and those still ahead, Guyana has a great future led by the PPP/Civic with their transparency and accountability and outstanding accomplishments.