Is there a viable alternative?
Stabroek News
January 14, 2004

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Dear Editor,

In the letter column of January 14, 2004, Mr. Collins suggested that Guyana's woes can be solved if (a) the two major political parties recognize that ruling by the eye for an eye method will not work and (b) by using resources available in the United States and England, Guyana would become a better place, failing which it would lapse into a situation of No People, No Nation and No Destiny.

My feeling is that Guyana has already lapsed into the following, from:

- One People - to Indians, Africans and Others

- One Nation - to a Racially Divided Country and

- One Destiny - to Destiny For The Supporters Of Whichever Party Is in Power.

I firmly believe that Guyana's salvation lies not with the People's Progressive Party, the People's National Congress or with expatriates but with the Guyanese electorate. Until Guyanese resident in Guyana realize that since independence neither of the two major political parties has done much of anything for the country other than manage it to the depths of bankruptcy, both human and financial, and that voting them both out of existence is the only real solution, Guyana will not be able to reclaim its rightful place in the Caribbean and the rest of the world.

There must be some credible people of all ethnic origins left in Guyana who can come together and present a viable alternative to the several existing parties.

Come on Guyanese, wake up and do the right thing. You are now the scourge of the Caribbean. Having just re-turned home from a tour of several Caribbean Islands I know what it is feels like when you must hide your true identity in order to be accepted. It hurts.

Yours faithfully,

Richard Lewis