The togetherness and love that prevailed To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
December 29, 2001

THE Christmas season has come and gone and we are now heading for the New Year. My new year’s hope is for peace, togetherness and love that have been demonstrated by Guyanese during this holiday season.

It was truly unbelievable to walk the streets of Georgetown and witness the atmosphere of true togetherness experienced and showered by all Guyanese as we went about our usual Christmas walks. Every one of us, for that moment, seem to have forgotten about the problems of elections and race and the ultimate effects these circumstances bring. We were all simply enjoying the festive season to the best of our abilities.

The lack of a public service or any other strike did wonders to the celebration. Shop owners and customers alike were truly at peace with the calm and serenity present in the air.

The presence of the Guyana Police Force added to the feeling of safety to all. The lack of those horrible squibs, which every year would usually terrorise the streets in the down town area, did wonders for our nerves and soul.

Our pockets, wallets and purses remained with what belong to us, that is, unless we wanted to remove it because pickpockets had to stand-still and consider the feasibility of their career. There were Police everywhere waiting for would-be criminals.

It was due to the Police presence that we were able to shop and browse in comfort without lots of fears from pickpockets as well as those dreaded squibs.

We will be forever thankful and grateful to the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Guyana Police Force for their contribution to the control of these nuisances.

Further, imagine, shopping until the wee hours of Christmas morning. Never before have I experience an event such as this in Guyana before. We are on the move.

The love and togetherness experienced was unbelievable. I hope all Guyanese noticed that we have the willingness and also the ability to come together. So let us Guyanese show the rest of the world that, like Trinidad and Tobago we are capable of working and living together, despite what elections may bring.
Sabrina Edwards.