An eye for an eye will get us nowhere
Stabroek News
January 14, 2004

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Dear Editor,

Until the People's Progressive Party and the People's National Congress truly sit down and honestly deal with the ills of beautiful Guyana we cannot solve the problems of our country.

Guyana is hurting with the eye for an eye approach to managing or governance of the country. Guyana will be hurting more if Guyanese in Guyana, and Guyanese in the United States of America and England don't take the initiative. Our country will move from One people to No People, from One Nation to a Brutal Nation, and One destiny to No Destiny.

An eye for an eye has got us nowhere. It has left us undeveloped.

Guyana has an opportunity to become a stronger nation in the Caribbean with the human resources it has in the United States and England, and its natural resources.

It is time that we move quickly to establish love and understanding for each other and our country. Let us enter into an atonement that will set an example for other countries, brothers and sisters, and Guyana can then be what it supposed to be, a loving country.

Yours faithfully,

Bernard Rollins

Newark, New Jersey