President of the people To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
December 18, 2001

FOR the first time in the history of Guyana, a Head of State will be hosting an Eid-ul-Fitr dinner at his official residence. President Jagdeo also recently participated in breaking the fast and the evening prayers with the Muslim community.

I think that this says a lot about the President, his leadership, style and the future of Guyana. President Jagdeo, with his inclusive style is effectively sending the message of peace and acceptance for all persons who are Guyanese. His participation in the individual customs and now the hosting of an Eid dinner at his home tells us as Guyanese that our President is indeed the President for the people. No longer is the President an inaccessible figure or an intimidating Head of State.

President Jagdeo has extended his hand, holding the proverbial olive branch and has gone beyond the call of duty and integrally participated in the activities of each Guyanese.

Jagdeo's participation in religious activities is not limited to the Islamic faith. Far from it, he has participated in Christian and Hindu faiths. What is important to the people is that his participation also is not from the sidelines, there is a genuine interest that emanates from his presence.

In his travels around Guyana, Jagdeo has demonstrated his interest, his concerns and his love for the Guyanese people and this country. The recent Cane Grove disaster saw him going to the area, and getting down to the depths of the people's needs. He has never indicated or given us the impression that he is too good for any situation that faces us as a country.

Before and after the elections, he pushed for dialogues between himself and the leader of the opposition. These dialogues when they materialised have helped to bring to the people, reassurance and confidence in the political situation in Guyana.

Now, if one man, our President, can do all this, shouldn't we as a Guyanese public, follow suit. Guyana will be a far better place if we move beyond the past and start demonstrating acceptance for each other. Our President has broken some traditional barriers that caused division among our people. Let us emulate his example!
F. Gafoor