At what point do we say move on?
Stabroek News
December 4, 2001

Dear Editor,

Mr. Rohan Sooklall wrote [ please note: link provided by LOSP web site ] recently that essentially, the call to move on is an attempt to make the PNC years disappear. Well, there are many persons already trying to rewrite Guyana's history and if given the chance, Guyanese like Forbes Burnham (and whatever little good he has done) would be erased from the annals of Guyanese history. Perhaps, some persons would want to continue to blame everything that is now wrong on the past. I wouldn't advocate that we forget anything that either party did in the past (and they both have skeletons) but at what point do we say, move on?

The point that we cannot continue to live in the past refers to an attitude of showing that the present government and people of Guyana have learnt something from everyone's mistakes, in order to develop and display a vision for the future. The present government has not yet moved out of the past since it continues to blame the PNC for all of its current problems. Case in point: The Works Minister blames the shabby dissolution of the government owned construction company on the 'fact' that nine years ago, they took over a 'bad idea'. We can include the GNCB and many other examples but that would be rehashing mistakes.

My concern is that Guyana will remain stagnated because of a lack of vision of its leaders and an unwillingness to relinquish the gripes of the past, in favour of creative efforts and honest and responsible behaviour. To relive the mistakes continuously is self-serving and benefits the nation nothing.

Yours faithfully,

Merrill Hyman Sr.