Good service at Georgetown Hospital

To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
August 30, 2001

MY recent experience at the Georgetown Hospital is a cause for writing. It has been almost nine years since I had visited this institution and because of this, my understanding of what takes place was merely hearsay.

My health condition was deteriorating which forced me visit the Georgetown Hospital after spending enormous sums elsewhere with no improvement in sight.

Apart from the luxurious structures and excellent state-of-the art equipment, I questioned whether I was at the right place, as my experience was different in at least three other countries where I lived for more than five years each.

The hospitality was fantastic as the nurses patiently documented any medical history and advised I waited to see a doctor. Though waiting on the doctor, even with the comfort of viewing television was becoming a little unbearable, I reminded myself that the service here is superior to that I received in Canada where I once lived.

The waiting room was filled with other patients who assured that the service was a little slow but good. I observed their waiting and comments that the service was of quality. "Isn't this wonderful?", I smilingly asked myself in the joy of recognising that Guyana is getting somewhere.

The doctor who examined me was not one of those who will give you a `snap shot' in Canada or some of the other countries. He was careful in carrying out his task.

Guyana has really come a long way in the standard of health care now being provided and my compliments must go to those persons who are hard at work for our benefit.

The Georgetown Hospital managers need to find ways to preserve the facilities and level of service they are providing the public. We are really fortunate than many other countries, which appear to be better off, but in fact experience the opposite.

Long live the Georgetown Hospital.