We have a dream
Stabroek News
February 8, 2004

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Dear Editor,

It is a good time for a group of experienced, intelligent young Guyanese, people of ethics, character and vision, who are well- known and respected by all classes and races in Guyana, to unite and form a "Progressive Democratic Congress." Can they rise above the ego? Be courageous and daring - just do it! Or at least think about this exciting idea; discuss it.

Can you imagine! It makes the heart sing to contemplate - we'd have a revised constitution, all loopholes blocked, as recommended by the Constitution Commission. We'd have an independent judiciary (the cleansing of the Augean Stables), a police force and army purged of phantoms and assassins; the Auditor General's office staffed with professionals and having "teeth", an independent Public Service Commission with admission to the public service based on academic qualifications, with annual training across the board, a professional Contracts Awarding Commmission, and Lands and Titles Commission performing according to international standards.

In short, a Guyana where transparency is not merely a buzz word to placate the public. This can happen. We can make it so. Can't we?

Yours faithfully,

J Farnum