Fragmentation is not the answer

Stabroek News
August 15, 2001

Dear Editor,

Ravi Dev in his letter [ please note: link provided by LOSP web site ] captioned "My objection is to the concept of one overarching culture" (l2.8.200l) suggested that when "an Indian hears of Cuffy,the thought provoked is that of the PNC troops massing to beat up Indians".

He goes on to disparage our Motto "One People, One Nation One Destiny as being a derivative of Marcus Garvey's black nationalist motto; One God One Belief One destiny.

What is this nonsense? Should we reject something simply because we did not think of it? Or simply because it came from someone apparently different from us? Is not the value of a thing to be found in its utility?

Should Black people have rejected Martin Luther King's "non-violent movement" because he modelled it after Mohandas Ghandi's "ahimsa"?.

Guyana is for all Guyanese and Ravi Dev's regurgitations have already been played out by those of partisan concepts. The partitioning of India and the birth of Pakistan has resolved nothing! They still want to nuke each other over Kashmir! The cry of the Sikhs in the Punjab is not against black oppression

but the hate and anger of other Indians as they too seek partition!

Fragmentation is not the answer! Integration, as when we speak of Guyanese cuisine, is not to the exclusion of one or the other. Curry and roti, pepperpot and cook up are things Guyanese along with Chow mein and metem. We do not divide them up along racial lines, for all have contributed to make it uniquely Guyanese and enjoy it we do!

Similarly with religion. Mosques and temples, churches and catedrals all co exist and worship in their own way. But together they are things Guyanese!

Guyanese do not be seduced by voices of passion devoid of reason. The people of Guyana are tired of the rhetoric and just want to live peacefully and progressively.

Yours faithfully,
Gavin Francisco