I have enjoyed my stay in Guyana
Stabroek News
January 26, 2002

Dear Editor,

As a foreign doctor working in Guyana, temporary for two years, I did not expect to have such a deep feeling for this land and its people.

I started to work at the Georgetown Public Hospital in June 2001 as an Ophthalmologist. I have seen so many blind patients that they have been driving me to work hard. I am doing my best to help these patients, and have performed many operations to make them regain their vision.

When I was on leave, I travelled many places in Guyana. The beautiful, distinctive natural scenery strongly attracted me. The magnificent Kaieteur Falls, the vast grassland Rupununi, the mighty Essequibo and the pristine rainforest richly endowed with the exotic flora and fauna. I am really proud of the untapped natural resources of Guyana. I am also very interested in the unique historical buildings, the Seawall, the Demerara Harbour Bridge, the Red House and St George's Cathedral.

Having lived in Guyana for nearly two years, I have enjoyed the various holidays and festivals observed here. I greatly appreciate the kindness, friendliness and hospitableness of Guyanese people. But I am also concerned about the undeveloped economy, high cost of living, poor health services, educational environment and the road traffic problems. Now that the day for me to return to China is approaching, I find myself being sentimentally attached to this country.

I sincerely hope that the Government make wise, practical and effective policies to promote the economy and all ethnic Guyanese people consolidate together with every effort to build a prosperous Guyana.

Best Wishes to Guyana.

Yours faithfully,

Qinhua Cai