Guyanese should change thought patterns

To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
August 31, 2001

IN this new century, we Guyanese should revolutionise our thinking or change our basic thought patterns.

For example:
1. We must see ourselves as one people with the common goal of national development and work unitedly to achieve this.

2. Uphold our dignity to avoid ourselves being used as ethnic instruments for the political gains of others.

3. We should not wage any social or political warfare, but strive together to promote national welfare.

4. Let us be interested in the way our administration is running the country instead of being unconcerned because it affects our present and future lives and that of later generations.

5. Guyanese should not throw cold water on local talent, but assist in moulding and developing it.

6. Through love and national pride we ought to console and encourage our own in defeat, especially against international competition, instead of complimenting them only when they are victorious.

7. Patriotically, locals should love home much more than abroad despite the fact that life out there might be better.

8. If Guyana is in a plight, we should not flee overnight, but remain and fight as one to put things right.

9. Apart from admiring foreign genius, Guyanese ought to tap the dormant talent within to become adept in our respective fields and later surpass our foreign rivals, as did `Six Head' Lewis.

10. Our youth, instead of tattling should read more, think much more because only advance thinking can advance our country.

11. Finally, juveniles must use facilities provided them by the Government to develop themselves and Guyana.