My wish is for love and respect
Stabroek News
February 25, 2002

Dear Editor,

After the celebrations, the fanfare and the frolicking of our Republic Anniversary is over-what? I raise the question as we all seem to be caught up in a moment of glee and afterwards we re-locate to our quiet corner, complaining and winging "Wh yuh gan do?"Our Independence of 36 years has been a long time and it would be naive of me to say that there has been no improvement, but I feel that we could have done much better in the following areas-political stability, investments and law enforcement.Why do we fight each other at election time and can gyrate with one another, especially at this celebration. To a foreigner it must seem like madness or temporary insanity. There is also a complacency in the intervening years prior to election as even Parliament goes to sleep. But is it that we are too preoccupied in making ends meet?Instead of being too critical what can I wish my fellow Guyanese on this special occasion? It is my fervent wish that we can become once again united and cemented with love and respect for each other.

Yours faithfully,
(Name and address provided)