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  1. Deplorable Conditions at the University of Guyana
  2. If programmes to teach professional, craft and business skills are made widespread, we can in one or two generations eradicate poverty
  3. Schools can use chess to raise intellect
  4. Q.C. still is doldrum despite repeated promises
  5. A vital part of the solution is to raise the level of education
  6. Abuse is abuse
  7. Say Yes For Children Campaign offers many opportunities
  8. The introduction of Information Technology in the educational system needs careful planning
  9. Good results are linked to good teaching
  10. Adult education, community in alliance to teach drop-outs
  11. All of Guyana should speak out about the plight of the medical students
  12. The authorities owe the public an answer in the `Book of Hope' matter
  13. Shortage of funds, not land inhibiting UG's expansion
  15. Why is Queen's College not offering Chemistry and Biology at GCE `A' Level?
  16. Perhaps the method of training teachers needs to be assessed
  17. This government inherited a large number of dilapidated schools
  18. We must respect others' beliefs
  19. The PR tsar
  20. The minister says so
  21. Children must not be deprived of education
  22. Should photographs of juveniles be published
  23. Queen's College used to be a top class school
  24. Should school children be involved in Protests?
  25. The multilateral schools should be urently upgraded
  26. No suitable Guyanese available?
  27. Bringing truancy under control
  28. Measures to help both teachers and students
  29. System of issuing permanent trained teachers certificates needs rectifying
  30. Much has been done to help teachers
  31. Sex education is the most important subject for teachers
  32. Facts tell different story
  33. Emigration of teachers to New York is a catastrophe
  34. Continuing emigration of teachers is a severe problem
  35. We have long been a training ground for the benefit of others
  36. Teachers should have to pay for their training
  37. Teachers have to spend a lot of time counselling children
  38. Children must be trained the proper way
  39. Teachers still need much better working conditions
  40. Teachers looking for greener pastures
  41. A transformation
  42. Personal and professional development
  43. People want a decent life
  44. No response to application for teaching job
  45. Our teachers should stay here
  46. It's not all bed of roses
  47. Protest should be lodged against US recruiters of teachers
  48. With globalisation the world is centre stage for our best and brightest, including teachers
  49. There are countries that place a higher premium on education than we do
  50. The sad decline of Meten-Meer-Zorg primary school - better management is essential
  51. All useful skills should be encouraged
  52. Dr McDonald got his figures wrong
  53. Teachers salaries must be considered in the context of the national economy
  54. Urgent need to improve standards of comprehension and expression in English
  55. Some teachers are not attending their classes
  56. Comprehensive education programme
  57. Uplifting educational standards
  58. A greater emphasis on music in our schools could have enormous benefits
  59. Why must the US go recruiting everywhere in the world if they have the best training institutions?
  60. Physical abuse by teachers should not be tolerated
  61. U.G. graduates are recognised by the best academic institutions
  62. Whipping at school made me a more serious student
  63. It is easy to fool overseas universities
  64. Corporal punishment in schools must be banned
  65. School children should not be involved in protests
  66. Queen's College mainly benefited the sons of planters in its first 20 years
  67. The money rightly belonged to the Africans
  68. Condition of labs at UG affected teaching of students
  69. How must teachers deal with disruptive students?
  70. Alternatives to corporal punishment
  71. Slave owners were paid compensation
  72. Schoolchildren who congregate at street corners are bored and looking for excitement
  73. Despite the adversity, UG is fully recognized across the world
  74. The young and the lawless are in action in Croal Street from 3.30 to 6.30 every afternoon
  75. Without education persons often become bored with life
  76. Corporal punishment isnít effective as a method of discipline
  77. Corporal punishment versus child abuse
  78. Violence in schools is a reflection of the wider society
  79. Corporal punishment gives the wrong message
  80. The absence of corporal punishment in American schools has led to chaos
  81. Minister should clarify declaration she signed on corporal punishment
  82. There appears to be discrimination against Dr Thakur
  83. We need to exercise old-fashioned common sense
  84. Beating children on the buttocks can lead to deviant sexual behaviour