Physical abuse by teachers should not be tolerated
Stabroek News
January 24, 2004

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Dear Editor,

I strongly support the decision to investigate any corporal punishment meted out to children, whether it be in public or private schools.

A few years ago, I had paid a male teacher who was at the time residing and teaching extra curricular private classes in the New Market Street area of Georgetown. I paid him a sum of five-thousand dollars to tutor my child. On one occasion my child took ill with the flu and was under medication from the doctor who informed me that she was ill. I informed the tutor about her condition, since she had to submit homework that was due the following day. However, my child was very enthusiastic about learning, so she attended the session anyway. Although she was ill and under medication, the teacher whipped her for not submitting her homework on that day. My eight year old daughter was severely beaten on her hands which were swollen and red.

I immediately removed my child out of this abusive environment, since my daughter was a top student at St Margaret's Primary School. My child was able to conquer that situation and I will never forget or forgive that ignoramus. Incidentally, she is still a top student at a much larger school here in Canada.

I sincerely hope that the necessary authorities and the public acknowledge that physical abuse by a teacher on a young child should not be tolerated. Violent behaviour by any teacher should not be tolerated within the educational system in Guyana, whether they are associated with public or private schools. In certain cases they should be charged with assault by the proper authorities, and terminated from their positions of trust.

Yours faithfully,

N. Yeomans