Bringing truancy under control To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
November 30, 2001

After reading last Sunday’s Chronicle expose [ please note: links provided by LOSP web site ] of some of the sexual practices of truant schoolchildren and the accompanying Tuesday, November 27 edition’s Editorial, I am of the opinion that the numerous social organisations, churches, service clubs, and even youth groups should lend themselves in supporting the Schools Welfare Services of the Ministry of Education, in its Herculean task of bringing truancy and the accompanying sexual exploitation, under control.

What is noteworthy though, is that the campaign is receiving the desired publicity that sends a clear signal, to all and sundry, of the enormity and seriousness of the problem.

It also drives home the hard fact and the naked truth that most parents neglect their obligation in visiting their child/children’s school(s) to ascertain what their child/children’s school day is like.

Had many parents/guardians heeded the call and paid periodic spot checks they would have been in a better position to learn of the frequent absenteeism and in some cases of their wards extra curricular activities, thus, placing themselves in a better position to monitor and control the child.

It was heartening to note that some mini-bus drivers and conductors who are involved in clandestine activities were part of the haul.

Keep up the good work Ministry.

I would also like to make the following observations:
Rebuilding/repairing works were done to at least two sets of bridge rails - at Sandy Babb Street and at the junction of Vlissengen Road and Almond Street.

Hope that these replaced structures survive the recklessness of road users.

The speeding of mini-buses along Lama Avenue, Bel Air Park is cause for great concern.

Probably a few humps will bring to an end this episode.

Let’s not wait for a sad day.

The old bus shed at the junction of Vlissengen Road/Lamaha Street/J. B. Singh Road is no longer an eyesore. It was demolished recently.

How about pruning the fruit tree, on the opposite side of the levelled bus shed, which overhangs J. B. Singh Road?