The PR tsar
Stabroek News
October 28, 2001

Dear Editor,

How can the presence or absence of individuals or a group from an organization be, by itself, an indication of an increase or decrease in problems within that organization? (Kit Nascimento: "No big deal?" SN26/10.2001).

Even more instructively, Mr Nascimento suggested that in order to save the Minister and the Government, our public relations people should tell the nation something less than we believe to be the truth! "Well if the Minister really believes what he said, his PR advisers at the GIS who put out the story should have protected the Minister and his government from himself."

In any case, I suspect that Mr Nascimento's real agenda is to utilise his usual illogicality to disparage his colleagues and launch himself as the PR tsar par excellence.

Talk about arrogance!

Yours faithfully,

Henry B. Jeffrey

Minister of Education