Children must be trained the proper way To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
January 28, 2002

THE Ministry of Education has over and over again made it pointedly clear that an interagency approach is needed to make disciplining of our children effective.

It is unfortunate that whenever we refer to or broach the topic of discipline and children, we think of our schools, teachers and the Government. This is folly. Everyone especially parents are required to train children in a proper way. Our failure to define acceptable forms of behaviour, which will encourage an orderly disciplined society, is left up to the people of a nation or community. I remember a portion of one popular tune, which says, “what’s the matter with the world, has the world gone mad? There is nothing wrong with the world, it’s just the people that live in it.” And I am inclined to think that we are the ones to make the world a much more sociable place for our children, their children, and ourselves.

Most of the problems encountered or that triggers negative behaviour in children are not their personal shortcoming but has instead been responses to their environment. The Minister of Education has emphasised that the sole responsibility of the child does not lie with the Teacher or the Ministry of Education, but with the parents. He further stated that a collaborative effort is needed where allegiances are formed to enhance the development of the child.

In the olden days, other members of society, groups and organisations contributed to the development of structure for the people of today. It was not just about corporal punishment. What has happened is that we have slackened the reins on order and good and proper practices in this place and it is hurting our children.

For damage control we all have to play a contributory role.
Michelle Johnson.