Abuse is abuse

Dear Editor
Guyana Chronicle
June 18, 2001

I AM concerned at the varying views expressed by persons about corporal punishment inflicted by teachers upon students.

Are we as a society lacking in the awareness of what is basic right and wrong?

Don't we have a moral consciousness towards the well being of our children?

Abuse is abuse!

There are many forms of abuse - sexual, psychological/mental, and in this particular instance, physical.

Any teacher who flogs a child to the extent of the injuries inflicted by the two recent incidents cited in the newspapers should not be allowed to return to any teaching position or even have contact with children.

Those persons should be treated in the same manner that a child molester is.

A learning environment is not one of fear. Children should be encouraged to view learning as fun.

Flogging a child to learn a lesson or as a disciplinary action for a minor misbehaviour makes that child see learning, education and school as a bad thing.

Let us consider the feelings of all those children who have been beaten mercilessly in our schools. Do you imagine that they enjoy going to school after that experience?

I do not think they do, and this is a feeling that will be with them throughout their school lives.

It's no wonder we have such a high rate of illiteracy in our schools today. Children are plain scared to go to school.

The teaching profession is not something a person should just fall into. It requires a maturity level and a mental balance.

Teachers should understand that their role in the lives of the children under their care is a crucial one.

It is not just a job; they are shaping the future minds and leaders of tomorrow.

Parents have to remember their responsibilities towards the care of their children.

Any form of abuse has to be viewed as serious, because the potential repercussions are long-term.

Abuse is not something we should accept as a part of the norm. No one has the right to abuse anyone.

And it is time that the cries for help by our children are heard.

Set the example now and spread the word - anyone who abuses our children will feel the severity of the law.

Let the schools be a learning and moulding environment and not one of fear.

God bless the little children.